Tri-Sentinel Incorporated was formed to develop and manufacture a family of wireless network and intelligence systems that integrate responders, assets and situational awareness in an automatic accountability system at the incident area for increased safety for First Responders [firefighter, law enforcement and emergency personnel]. The Company is focused on providing a dual use, mobile responder accountability system with a unique intelligence gathering functionality that provides an “incident awareness” capability to allow First Responders and others to more effectively and safely accomplish their mission.


Tri-Sentinel’s Products include a family of automatic accountability and support systems to help Incident Commanders in the control and management of all types of incident and emergency situations. The initial product being developed is the firefighter automated accountability system [FAAS]. The reason that we are focused on Firefighters is that they suffer, on average, around 100 Fatalities per year. Additionally they suffer tens of thousand of injures per year at cost estimated between $7 to $10 Billion in the US alone.

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